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Bioenergetics Definition And Breakdown

By Tyler Woodward

Are you struggling with low energy, poor brain function, weight gain, hair loss, etc... The list of ailments from a lack of understanding of bioenergetics is endless. Learning what bioenergetics is and how it applies to your life is the single most important step in eliminating these issues and stepping into the life that you deserve. A life that is full of energy, clarity, vitality, and ultimate health. Let’s take a look at what bioenergetics is in today’s post...


What Is Bioenergetics:

Bioenergetics as defined by the Oxford Dictionary as “the study of the transformation of energy in living organisms.” Now if you are a science buff then you have a good idea of what that might mean, but for the average person this definition is rather vague.

Bioenergetics, in regards to the human body, is simply the flow of energy throughout the organism. This means that as energy is put into the system it changes forms and is used in different ways to benefit the organism.

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How Does Bioenergetics Apply To You:

How Does Bioenergetics Apply

When it comes to the human system this is mostly looked at as energy input, energy use, and energy expenditure.

Whenever you eat something, or expose yourself to certain wavelengths of light, you are adding energy to the system. For many people this can be problematic as they add too much energy to their system and their body has no way to use it, as they have a hindered ability to use the energy or it is too much for the system to handle like when a glass of water is overfilled and spills out the side. When this happens the energy is going to be stored so that it can be used at a time when it is needed, like when energy is no longer being put into the system AKA starvation. The stored energy can then be released back into the system to be used.

When you put energy into the system it has to be converted into a form that can be used. This is where digestion comes in. Digestion, in one of its simplest form, is the breaking down of large and complex forms of energy into smaller more usable forms of energy. So if you eat a piece of bread, that bread is going to be chewed up (as the chewing happens your mouth releases enzymes that begin to break down the carbohydrates, just one reason chewing your food thoroughly is a good idea) and makes its way into the stomach where it is broken down chemically. After this it then makes its way to the intestines where it is then absorbed into the body mostly through blood vessels. By this time it is broken down into molecules that are small enough to get into an individual cell in your body to then be broken down into usable forms of energy.

The energy that is formed through this process is then transferred between different parts of the body to help with different chemical reactions that help with things like growth, healing, reproduction, etc..

Learning what kinds of things block the creation and usage of energy can help you avoid dysregulation in order to create a seamless flow of energy throughout your whole body. On top of this, learning what things can enhance, or activate, the creation and usage of energy can allow you to fuel the bioenergetic processes of your body in way that optimizes all areas of your physical health.

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The Best Bioenergetic Way Of Life:

Best Way To Do Bioenergetics

Living a life that is completely free of things that block the flow of energy through the system is a life that nobody should have to live. With all things said and done you would most likely be living inside of a bubble. However, you can live in a way that gets you close, and that allows you to enjoy the vibrancy that life has to offer every single day. There are three main things that affect the bioenergetic state of the body:

  • Blockers - Things that inhibit the creation and usage of energy in the cell / body.
  • Activators - Things that enhance the creation and usage of energy in the cell / body.
  • Balancers - Things that can be either activators or blockers depending on the composition, dose, or timing.

Adding in more activators to your life, and simultaneously getting rid of blockers will help you to optimize the bioenergetic state of your body. So what are the activators you should be adding in and what are the blockers you should take out? This is where the Thermo Diet comes in. The Thermo Diet is a nutritional and lifestyle philosophy that was designed with the idea of bioenergetics in mind. This educational resource will give you a step by step guide on exactly how to implement this way of living so you can step into a state of ultimate health and vitality. Check it out with the link below!

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