Bring The Heat ~ The Thermo Diet

By Tyler Woodward

Today, everyone points to young kids and teens about their infinite energy bucket that just seems to never run out, reminiscing to the days they felt this way. Well, it doesn’t have to be this way. You don’t have to live your life in recollection, of what used to be, you can have boundless energy just like that of your former self. 

The Thermo Diet is a dietary approach to optimizing your metabolism or metabolic rate. The higher your metabolism, the more calories you burn, and the more energy that you produce. And who doesn’t want the energy levels of a kid?

Bring The Heat:

bring the heat

Kids are constantly running around playing, it seems like they’re almost on another planet. Or you could say that they’re running on another octane… If you want to have inexhaustible energy you need to be running on quite literally another level. Think about driving a racecar. Yes it might run on regular gas, but when you put in high octane race car fuel, it’s like driving a whole different vehicle. To accomplish this you need to fuel your metabolism, but no, not regular gas, you need race car fuel. 

You see kids are born if as though they are running on race car fuel, their metabolism is in overdrive, as they are absorbing the new world, growing and learning.  We all come into this world with a perfectly fueled metabolism. We have everything we need to produce energy at an incredibly high rate. The issue is that over time due to nutritionally poor modern diets, we start to run out of fuel. There’s more to the diet equation then “Calories In vs. Calories Out”. Your body requires certain essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and amino acids in order to be able to convert or metabolize your food into usable energy in your cells. 

There is one underlying equation that dictates how much energy your body burns:

Glucose + Oxygen -> Energy (ATP) + Water + CO2 + Heat

This is where the “Thermo” in the Thermo Diet comes in… The more heat your body produces, the more energy your body is consuming. Heat and body temperature are a reliable indicator of your metabolic rate. The higher your body temperature, the higher your metabolic rate. The lower your body temperature the lower your metabolism. This also directly correlates with how active your thyroid is. The thyroid gland is also known as the master regulator of your metabolism, hypo and hyperthyroidism go hand in hand with an underactive and overactive metabolism respectively. 

Have you ever wondered why your body temperature rises when you have a fever?

It’s your body and your immune system going into overdrive to “fend off” these foreign invaders and restore homeostasis. Your body is ramping up its energy production to provide itself with the energy it needs to fuel your immune system, resulting in the increase in body temperature. 

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Mammals & Metabolisms:

mammals and metabolisms

Interestingly, body temperature varies among different mammals per their metabolic rate. Birds have the highest metabolism of all mammals and its estimated that the hummingbird operates at about 107℉, while whales on the other hand can exist as low as about 95℉. Larger animals generally have a slower metabolic rate because they tend to hold much larger quantities of fat. 

The fat acts as insulation, making larger animals much more efficient at maintaining their body temperature. Smaller animals like hummingbirds are constantly moving and eating in order to maintain their high metabolic rate and thereby their internal body temperature. The old saying, “eat like a bird” in reference to not eating very much, couldn’t be further from the truth. Many birds, especially the smaller ones, eat twice their body weight in a single day.

For these reasons, I would speculate that animals must eat significantly more in the Winter to maintain their metabolic rate. Although this could be offset by increased activity during the summer due to increased availability of food leading to more energetically demanding processes occurring like growth & reproduction. This is also why many animals accumulate large quantities of fat leading up to the winter as energy stores and many hibernate, lowering their internal body temperature and their metabolic rate for the winter. 

There is not a lot of variation in body temperature between mammals largely due to the proteins that confound our existence. When our internal body temperatures exceed above or below a certain point proteins in our body more or less start to fall apart and can no longer function properly. When enough of these proteins are degraded we can longer function and we are at risk of dying. This is why high grade fevers can be so dangerous. Interestingly, in this same context, the rise of body temperature caused by fevers are a result of your body working in overdrive to fend off the infection/virus. 

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Body Temperature & 98.6℉:

body temperature

As you know now body temperature is one of the best indicators of your metabolic rate. The number 98.6 ℉ dates to 1868 to German physician, ​​Dr. Carl Reinhold August Wunderlich. Dr. Wunderlich recorded over 1 million body temperatures from more than 25,000 patients and established 98.6 degrees as the optimal internal body temperature. Except our temperature is dropping… 

Multiple studies are now showing that the average human body temperature is dropping. This study found of 35,000 people found the average human body temperature to be 97.9℉. Another smaller study found the average body temperature to be 98.2℉. 

What Does This Mean?

Hypothyroidism & Low Body Temperature

low body temp

While you could brush off the lowering of our average internal body temperature as “genetics” or “evolution”, you could also consider another perspective. Hypothyroidism, or an underactive metabolism, is directly associated with a lower internal body temperature. Considering that it is estimated that 88% of US citizens are metabolically unhealthy, you could argue that it is not evolution lowering our average body temperature, rather the compromised metabolism.

Remember, that central energy producing equation:

Glucose + Oxygen -> Energy (ATP) + Water + CO2 + Heat

The less heat you’re producing directly correlates to less energy production or a slower metabolism.  In fact, Denis Wilson MD claims, “It is not possible for a person to have symptoms of hypothyroid unless they have a low body temperature”. It’s also estimated more than 12% of people will develop hypothyroidism at some point in their life and 60% of those with hypothyroidism will go undiagnosed. 

It has become normal in the US to be metabolically compromised. While many of us brush it off as genetics or aging, it doesn’t have to be this way...

Enter The Thermo Diet:

 Thermo Diet

The Thermo Diet is our diet program based on the metabolic theory of health. It’s a diet program designed around micronutrient rich food that provides your body the food it needs to fuel its metabolism. By eating nutrient rich foods that fuel your metabolism over time you will elevate your metabolic rate back to its former level. 

Energy balance commonly referred to as, Calories In. Vs. Calories Out, is the law that dictates whether or not you gain weight. But your ability to process and use these calories requires certain essential micronutrients. Over time your ability to process and use these calories is hindered without the vitamins and minerals necessary to process them, forming  a bottleneck. 

Aging in  this manner is a lot like traffic developing on a highway. Calories (energy) are like the cars getting backed up on the highway. At first, they flow through without issue, but slowly and surely over time it takes longer and longer to pass through. 

The more deficient you are in these essential vitamins and minerals, the bigger the bottleneck becomes and thereby the more metabolically compromised you are.

The Thermo Diet focuses on consuming “activators”, things that increase your metabolic rate, and avoiding “blockers”, things that decrease your metabolism. Activators consist of micronutrient-dense foods like high-quality foods like grass-fed organ and muscle meats,  fruits and roots. Blockers are foods that extract nutrients from your body or hinder your ability to digest food like anti-nutrients such as gluten, phytic acid and oxalates.

As you nourish your body back to this state of health you can watch as your body temperature and energy levels increase. Eventually you will reach what refer to as the Thermo Effortless zone, a point in restoring your health marked by a feeling of warmth and energy after eating.

If you're tired of living with low energy and want to take back your health, join the Thermo Diet Today!

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