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Everything You Need To Know About Echinacea

By Tyler Woodward

Echinacea, also known as the coneflower, is currently one of the most popular supplemental herbs on the market today for its many health benefits. Echinacea is a type of plant native to the United States and has been used by native americans as a form of plant medicine for centuries. Throughout history echinacea has been used to treat an assortment of conditions ranging from syphilis to scarlet fever. Although medicinal use of echinacea began to decline after the invention of antibiotics in the US, echinacea is still used today for a number or purported benefits. 


Benefits Of Echinacea:

Benefits Of Echinacea


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How Echinacea Works:

How Echinacea Works


Although there is currently very little research on echinacea and its effectiveness in humans there is promise that it may be effective in treating a number of the conditions listed above. This is believed to be as a result of the unique chemical properties within echinacea including:

Through the chemical interactions of these compounds in the body it’s believed this is how echinacea exerts its effects. Echinacea has been found to have potential antioxidant, anti-bacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and mosquitocidal effects. It’s likely for these reasons that the native americans used echinacea to treat such a variety of conditions including:

  • Hay Fever -
  • Bacterial Infections  - Such as candida and athlete’s foot
  • Malaria -
  • Syphilis - 
  • Sinusitis - 

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How To Supplement With Echinacea:

How To Supplement With Echinacea


There are three forms of echinacea each of which likely contains varying amounts of the chemical  compounds responsible for their beneficial effects.

  1. Echinacea Purpurea
  2. Echinacea Angustifolia 
  3. Echinacea Pallida

The most common supplemental form of echinacea is the purpurea which can be found both in encapsulated form and as a liquid in tinctures. Because there is a lack of research on echinacea supplements. According to examine.com dehydrated echinacea extract can be taken orally with up to 900mg daily split up throughout the day to administer the desired effect, while in the liquid form about 10mL split up throughout the day is used.

Additionally, make sure to get a high-quality echinacea supplement that is from a reputable source that preferably performs both heavy metal and purity testing.


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