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Taking This Daily Can Lead to Predictable Weight Loss

By Christopher Walker

What if I told you there was an all-natural ingredient that you could take every day that has actually been proven to lead to weight loss in real peer-reviewed scientific literature?

Would you believe me?

Probably not.

Heck, I would not have believed this unless I saw this study myself. That’s why I wanted to share it with you. It really is unbelievable … and 100 percent true.

The Unbelievable Benefit Of Apple Cider Vinegar

You see, back in 2009, researchers in Japan conducted a study that pretty much challenged the conventional view of weight loss. They demonstrated to the public how important it is for us to support our digestion in order to facilitate weight loss in the body in a healthy way.

This double-blind peer reviewed study1 was 12 weeks long, and the researchers split the subjects into three groups who all had similar body weights, BMIs and waist circumferences.

  • The first group drank 500ml daily of a beverage containing 15ml of apple cider vinegar.
  • The second group drank 500ml of a beverage containing 30ml of apple cider vinegar.
  • The third group was the control, so their beverage did not contain any apple cider vinegar.

So what happened?

Well, the researchers found that after just 12 weeks of daily use, the two groups who drank the apple cider vinegar in the different amount BOTH had significant drops in body weight, BMI, visceral fat, waist circumference, and even triglyceride levels than the control group, despite the fact that they all ate the same caloric intake.


How To Utilize The Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar

The second I read this study, I went out and bought myself some apple cider vinegar. There was only one problem though: I couldn’t ever stay consistent with taking it every day because it tasted so bad. Just opening the bottle seemed to smell up my whole house.

So, being the problem solver that I am, I made a solution to that, and I’ll tell you about it in a second …

You see, while medical findings like this might make it seem like apple cider vinegar is some kind of new medical breakthrough, the fact is, it is actually an ancient food that has been used for thousands of years. It seems like we’re just now starting to wake up to the true wisdom of our ancestors.

Vinegar has a very long history, going back to Babylonia in 5,000 BC.

Today, various kinds of vinegar originating from different crops are consumed throughout the world as seasonings, preservatives and ingredients in condiments such as ketchup, mayonnaise and salad dressing.

Especially in Japan, vinegar is a very common seasoning in popular foods such as sushi. Furthermore, beverages containing vinegar are also commonly consumed in Japan.

Although vinegar has various ingredients, the main component is 4–8 percent acetic acid (AcOH). Researchers have found that intake of apple cider vinegar lowers blood pressure2, improves hypercholesterolemia3 and inhibits postprandial hyperglycemia1 in humans.

But again, even with all of these health benefits and weight loss benefits, most people still can’t stomach the strong smell and taste of ACV.

So I went to the lab. And by dehydrating organic ACV, we were able to turn it into a powder so we could encapsulate it, making it tasteless and odorless, while maintaining all of the great health benefits.

But I didn’t stop there, since ACV is so dependent on improving your digestion in order to demonstrate such solid weight loss effects, we added prebiotics to the supplement formula. We ended up releasing the incredible new supplement known as ACV+Prebiotics to the world with UMZU.

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