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The Thermo Diet Restaurant Guide

By Jayton Miller

This Thermo Diet restuarant guide is designed to help you more easily navigate the landmine fields you encounter eating out. Restaurants don't have to be difficult to navigate though, and going out can be just as enjoyable as when you were not worried about being thermo or bioenergetically healthy, you simply have to know what to look for. Let’s dive in…


Plan Ahead Before Going Out:

Plan Ahead when eating out on the thermo diet

If you have the ability to dictate where you go when you go out then you can easily pick a place that is going to have at least relatively Thermo friendly options. Many times this is out of our control though as we are invited along for the ride with a group or we simply agree to a suggestion from someone else. When this happens it is a good idea to try and look at the menu online before you go. This will allow you to take your time looking over the menu and allow you to identify the best options that are available to you at the restaurant. 

If the menu is not available or you simply do not have time to look it over before you go then it is not a big deal. There are a few things that you can look for that are going to allow you to easily identify the best options:

  • Grilled or Baked items - Especially for the leaner cuts of meat. Looking for something that is grilled or baked eliminates the possibility of them adding oils (most likely pufas) to the food. A good baked potato with fixings on the side is always a great option. 
  • Steamed or boiled items- For both sides and main dishes this can be a great option for those looking to avoid added oils to their food. 
  • Fire or Oven Roasted - This can sometimes be hot or miss but typically roasted items are going to be less likely to have oils added to them. 

Things To Looks Out For:

Look out for polyunsaturated fatty acids

The  main thing that needs to be avoided when going out, and the most likely problem you are going to encounter, is polyunsaturated fatty acids. Currently most restaurants (especially in the West) use polyunsaturated fatty acids to cook their food. From margarine to peanut oil they tend to use the full spectrum of nut, seed, and vegetable oils. These are the exact type of oils that we should be trying to avoid when looking to get into a more Thermo or Bioenergetically-friendly state. 

These aren't just used in fried foods though. Many restaurants will use these oils generously on most of their dishes to ease the cooking process and aid in the enhancement of taste. Because of this we cannot be afraid to take our time and talk to the waiter or waitress about how a certain option we are thinking of getting is cooked, and if they could ensure that X dish is made without the added oils. 

I would also recommend avoiding most sauces, as most of them that are commercially available and used in the restaurant industry are going to have pufas as one of the ingredients. 

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Preventing Potential Damage:


Preventing Damage

There are a few things that we can do before going out to a restaurant to help mitigate the potential damage that could ensue. Unless you go to a higher quality restaurant (which are slowly becoming more and more popular) you are going to have to deal with the exposure to pufas and other potentially harmful ingredients in food. This is not something to obsess over,  as we will soon talk about, but rather something that you can prepare for and do your best to mitigate the damage from. The main tactics that you can use to mitigate the potential damage from eating are:

  • Eat Before Going Out - This gives you the liberty of not rushing into a poor decision just because you are hungry, and gives you the opportunity to not need a huge meal if the options are not good. 
  • Supplement With Vitamin E - Supplementation with vitamin E will help to mitigate the effects of the oxidation (breakdown) of the polyunsaturated fats that you could potentially be ingesting when you go out. This isn’t an excuse to start drinking peanut oil, but can ease your mind of potential harm. 
  • Supplement Activated Charcoal - Activated charcoal is a chelator (a binding agent) that  will help  mitigate the absorption of potentially harmful compounds that you come into contact with. This is particularly useful if you are going out to eat fish as they are high in mercury and the activated charcoal will bind to the mercury and help pass it through the digestive tract unabsorbed. 

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Stop Worrying About Being Perfect:


Stop Worrying About Being Perfect

This might be the most important part of this article in my opinion. The psychological part of the healing process and of your health journey in general is extremely important, and cannot be overestimated. Stressing about eating PUFAs/not being perfectly thermo may be worse than eating the PUFAs themselves.

One of the unique aspects of the human organism is our psyche. We have the ability to live in the  past, present, or future depending on where our conscious attention is being focused. 

Therefore, if you are constantly living in the past inside your mind and reliving stressful situations then you are putting your body into a state of stress as your physiological being cannot tell the difference between  the stress that is being experienced in your mind and the actual present situation you are in. 

The same can be said for manufacturing future situations in your mind. If you are having anxiety about going out and not being perfect on your diet then you are causing an unnecessary stress response in your  body. 

Stop worrying about being perfect, a lot of times the stress that we put on ourselves through having anxiety about our food or situation  can be  much more  damaging to the human organism  than the potentially harmful substances that we are coming into contact with. 

If you are derailed from your normal way of eating that is fine. The psychological benefit of being social and enjoying the time you have with others is going to be more beneficial in the long term than eating one perfect meal. If you are derailed for one or two meals that is fine. Your body is going to be able to heal from that rather easily. So if you are worried about going out, don’t be, take a chill pill, enjoy the present moment, and get back on track as soon as you can. 

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The Most Thermo-Friendly Restaurants Types:

Generally, you can find restaurants that everyone likes that are also Thermo / bioenergetically friendly for the most part. Some of the best types of restaurants to go to when looking to go out are:

  • Steakhouses
  • Seafood Places
  • BBQ Places
  • Breakfast / Brunch Places

In almost any case the most important thing is simply making the best decision with the options that you have available to you at the moment. Don’t stress, be present. 

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Overall, you should be able to enjoy going out on occasion and spending time with friends or family. If this becomes an issue then you need to reevaluate your plan and figure out what truly matters to you. I believe that healthy people are well rounded people and are able to not only get things right on their own but are able to make the best decisions with the options they have available to them.