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The Top 3 Testosterone-Boosting Foods High In Magnesium

By Christopher Walker

Today, I want to talk to you about three magnesium-rich foods you can consume on a regular basis to get sufficient magnesium in your diet. For those of you who don’t know, magnesium it is extremely important to have a good level of magnesium in your body. It regulates over 300 enzymatic functions and it’s also responsible for freeing up more free testosterone.

As men, we want to make sure that we have a sufficient magnesium intake in our diet or take a supplement to correct the magnesium deficiency, so we can free up more testosterone to roam free in our blood stream, to connect to androgen receptors and do all the good stuff that testosterone does.


Top 3 Testosterone-Boosting Foods High In Magnesium:

1. Raw Cacao

Raw Cacao

Now, first up on the list of magnesium rich foods — I think a lot of you will enjoy this if you like chocolate — are raw cacao products.

The cacao being in its unprocessed state is one of the richest known dietary sources of magnesium. This makes raw cacao powder, and a lot of other products that are made using the cacao, great foods to replenish bodily magnesium levels. 100 grams of cacao powder, for example, contains about 520 milligrams of magnesium, which is 130 percent of the recommended daily amount.

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2. Beef


Beef is definitely one of the best foods that you can use to increase natural testosterone levels. It should be your main protein source anyway, so having it as one of your magnesium sources is a great idea. About 100 grams of beef is going to give you about 12 percent of the recommended daily amount of magnesium.

3. Coffee


Believe it or not coffee is actually about .5% magnesium, while this may not seem like much it quickly adds up. In fact, 4 cups of coffee daily can contain up to 100 milligrams of magnesium daily which is equal to about 25% of the recommended daily intake. 

Using Foods Rich In Magnesium To Boost Testosterone:

Magnesium Boosting Foods Testosterone

So, when it comes to testosterone production, just so you know, about one gram of magnesium is what’s been shown in the research to have a significant impact in lowering SHBG levels and freeing up more free testosterone to be available for your androgen receptors.

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Ideally you want to shoot for having about one gram of magnesium per day which is nearly impossible to consume with just food alone. This is why we created daily magnesium! Daily magnesium provides you with all magnesium you need on a daily basis in one serving, allowing all the dietary magnesium you consume to just be icing on the cake! Try daily magnesium today!