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The Top 5 Best Tips To Affordable Healthy Eating

By Tyler Woodward

There’s never been a better time to start eating health, but eating healthy can add up quick, so here’s a few tips to get you started!


1. Shop Local! -

Shop Local

When you shop local lots of times you can buy direct from the consumer, meaning you don’t have to pay for the profit margins of the grocery store, their supplier and all the other associated costs. Shopping local also allows you to support small businesses and to get to know your farmers. You can learn from the farmers exactly how they grow their crops and how they treat their animals and what foods and chemicals are used in the process.

Non-commercial farming also generally forces the farmers to take better care of their land, as they may not have access to the heaps of land or tools often used for commercial farming which can severely damage the soil and deplete the nutrients within it. 

Pro-Tip - Ask your local farmer how long they’ve owned their land for to see if it’s stood the test of time

If you can’t shop locally then then shopping from a reputable source is your next best bet. A few of my favorite companies are:

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2. Prioritize & Strategize - 

Prioritize & Strategize

When you step into a grocery store looking for higher-quality foods the price tags can certainly be intimidating, but not every food you buy needs to be perfect. For getting the best bang for your buck in terms of health I always recommend prioritizing foods that you believe are most affected by growing processes. For example, EWG offers a dirty dozen list every year where they list the fruits and vegetables that are the biggest offenders in terms of pesticides. You may choose to intentionally buy these fruits and vegetables organically, while opting to buy conventional fruits for the less pesticide-ridden fruit.

Additionally,  for meat, eggs and dairy I always prioritize a hierarchy in terms of buying food including:

  1. Pasture-Raised/Grass-Fed Organic
  2. Pasture-Raised/Grass-Fed (non-organic)
  3. Free-Range Organic (chickens only)
  4. Organic
  5. Corn/Soy Free
  6. Conventional

My argument for prioritizing the animals' food source over organic foods is that animals fed the food they would naturally consume, will supply them with all the nutrients they need to thrive, resulting in healthier animals. Additionally, for cows grasses have very little need for pesticides compared to many other types of crops, but may still be subject to herbicides.

3. Shop The Deals! -

Shop The Deals

Just like conventionally grown food, grocery stores will frequently have sales or discounts on organic products. Doing a little bit of research and collecting some coupons can be a great way to save money while buying higher-quality foods. Certain grocery stores may have deals on some products like fruits and roots, while others will have deals on meat and eggs. Finding what grocery stores consistently have the best prices on certain products and then shopping the sales on top is a sure-fire way to save yourself some cash.

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4. Buy In Bulk -

Buy In Bulk

When you do find a good deal, make sure to stock up on the foods as much as possible. Many foods like sugar, rice, coconut oil and honey have a near infinite shelf life, so as long as you have adequate space in your pantry there’s no harm in stocking up when you have a deal. Other foods like meat and dairy do not have a long-shelf life, but can be frozen nearly indefinitely if stored properly. You can purchase an entire cow or a share of a cow a lot of times for a fraction of the cost of purchasing meat consistently from the grocery store.

5. Cook At Home -

Cook At Home

There’s no better way to save money and eat healthy than by cooking your own food. Cooking is the best way to ensure that you’re using the highest-quality ingredients at a fraction of the cost of eating out. Whether it's  your own sourdough bread or growing your own herbs, fruits or vegetables is one of the best and most cost-effective ways to ensure the food on your plate is as healthy and nutrient-dense as possible. 
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