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Thermo Diet for Women: The Ultimate Guide to Achieving Optimal Health

By Christopher Walker


Many people are interested in being healthier. Unfortunately, popular wisdom often dictates that the path to health can only be reached via weight loss. Focusing on fad diets and the number on the scale can cause issues rather than solving the real problem at hand.

However, when a holistic approach is used, you can reach optimal health by establishing a positive relationship with your body.

This is the goal of the Thermo Diet. Rather than merely focusing on certain food groups while excluding others, this diet supports a life of inclusion and energy. Instead of feeling deprived and sluggish, you should feel energized and satiated.

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This is especially true for women because they have completely different hormone functions than their male counterparts. Luckily, the Thermo Diet is wonderful for both genders. Here’s why…

Enter The Thermo Diet:

Enter Thermo Diet

Have you been struggling with trying to maximize your health? What about trying to lose weight for what seems like your entire teenage and adult life? Have you lost weight and then gained it back (plus more)?

Many women struggle with these problems — you’re not alone. Most ladies jump from diet to diet, struggling to find an answer. An answer to their lack of energy, their inability to focus, their thinning hair, dry and wrinkly skin, brittle nails, horrible and painful periods, freezing hands and feet, lack of sex drive, and overall inability to truly enjoy life.

Unfortunately, all diets in the health and fitness industry are going to support these negative health effects. By reading this guide and adopting the Thermo lifestyle, we’re going to eliminate these once and for all.

This will lead to a state of health beyond your wildest dreams. Having a shiny, full, thick head of hair. Having smooth, soft, evenly toned, and constantly moisturized skin. Your hands and feet never get cold. A relentless sex drive. Thick and strong nails, never having to put fake ones on again. Boundless energy, endless focus, and quick and painless periods.

When you adopt the Thermo lifestyle, you’ll truly be able to enjoy all that this life has to offer.

Thermo Diet Concepts And Benefits:

Thermo Diet Benefits

The main goal of the Thermo Diet is to return your body to a state of hormonal homeostasis. In other words, the goal is to achieve balance. However, this is especially difficult in today’s society because excessive and chronic stress hormones are so common. This type of prolonged, severe stress leads to elevated cortisol, aldosterone, and adrenaline levels. If these stress hormone levels remain heightened for an extended period of time, the following physical symptoms can occur:

  • Cold toes and fingers
  • Increased anxiety
  • Inability to focus
  • Poor memory
  • Thinning hair/hair loss
  • Fragile bones and nails
  • Dry skin
  • Decreased thyroid function

In addition to stress hormones, endocrine disruptors also result in health issues. These disruptors mimic the role of estrogen in the body. Excessive estrogen levels in women can result in severe PMS symptoms, an inability to lose body fat, anxiety, depression, bloating, and breast cancer.

As a woman, you do need adequate levels of estrogen to function optimally; however, estrogen in excess can be detrimental and even life-threatening. Instead, having higher levels of progesterone, adequate levels of testosterone, and minimal amounts of stress hormones can help you experience optimal health, and thus an optimal life.

Learn More: The Thermo Diet Cheat Sheet

Hormonal Homeostasis:

Hormonal Homeostasis

The goal of the Thermo Diet is to eliminate these imbalances. To achieve a state of hormonal homeostasis, the body must be fueled properly. This requires a proper intake of macronutrients (carbs, proteins, fats) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals). Proper intake will reduce metabolic stress (which is referred to as hypothyroidism, a low metabolic state, or the survival metabolism) and allow it to thrive.

To do this, the endocrine disrupters that mimic estrogen must be eliminated. When this is accomplished, your metabolism can thrive and stress hormones will decrease drastically. In the absence of excess stress, levels of protective hormones, such as progesterone and testosterone, can rise.

Testosterone is usually associated with males. However, even women need this vital hormone. The difference is that females require much less. Adequate testosterone levels result in less anxiety and depression, easier weight management, stronger bone density, and proper sexual function and arousal.

Naturally, you may be concerned about looking “bulky” if your testosterone levels are too high. In the majority of cases, this is impossible. Unless you have a diagnosed medical condition, this will not occur. Women do not possess the androgen receptor density necessary to cultivating a “masculine” physique.

Progesterone is the ideal female hormone. Also known as the hormone of youth, progesterone is known to give pregnant women the “glow” associated with pregnancy. When you have adequate levels of progesterone in your body, you slow down your physical aging. Plus, you’re more fertile, meaning you’ll be able to conceive easier, have better pregnancies, have less severe PMS symptoms, heal faster, and just feel better overall.

By cultivating healthy, robust levels of progesterone and testosterone — along with decreasing stress hormones and endocrine disruptors — your body can naturally recover. This results in warmer fingers and toes, youthful-looking skin, stronger nails and bones, less severe PMS symptoms, increased fertility, and healthier hair. Additionally, your circulation will drastically improve. This means better blood flow and increased detoxification.

Even More Benefits of the Thermo Diet

Even More Benefits Of Thermo

Losing weight will also become much easier. This is because when your metabolism is stressed, your body stores fat because it’s in survival mode. When your metabolism is thriving, your body has no need to store extra fat.

Struggle with sleep? The Thermo Diet is also helpful. As your body becomes healthier, it’ll adapt to natural sleep and waking cycles, known as the circadian rhythm. As your body adjusts to these cycles, your sleep will be more refreshing. The initial act of falling asleep will also become easier, and you’ll stay asleep all night.

These benefits will increase in direct proportion to the amount of time you spend with the Thermo Diet. Within two weeks, most people experience changes such as better cognition, better sleep, and increased energy. Within a month or two, most people experience noticeable weight loss, increased overall well-being, better mood and vitality, and better cardiovascular health.

Regular menstruation cycle - The Thermo Diet is designed to fuel the body properly, it will make the symptoms resulting from this hormonal transition more tolerable or completely painless. Lower stress hormone levels also help with this fluctuation. These benefits also apply to women who deal with irregular or nonexistent periods. When your body achieves a state of hormonal homeostasis, it may help your periods become regular again, which also increases fertility.

In short, hormonal homeostasis brings back balance to your body.

Thyroid Health - 1 in 8 women will develop hypothyroidism in their lifetime! Upon consumption, carbohydrates are broken down into their simplest form, glucose. Glucose provides fuel for the brain, muscles, thyroid, and other body tissue. Glucose is the only fuel that can be used by the brain and thyroid, which is why carbohydrates are crucial on the Thermo Diet. When the body is imbalanced and the thyroid doesn’t receive proper fuel, it can become dysregulated; your body produces fewer thyroid hormones, which causes lower metabolism, decreased energy levels, dry skin, thin hair, poor nail growth, arthritis, decreased circulation, brain fog, poor digestion, and more. 

Therefore, the Thermo Diet ensures you get plenty of natural, balancing carbs to fuel your thyroid and improve your hormonal functions.

Cognition - Increased cognition is another key benefit of the Thermo Diet. When your brain is fueled properly and receives the right micronutrients — with the right amount of carbohydrates — your brain functions better. The Thermo Diet leads to improved memory and focus, faster articulation, and less sporadic thoughts and anxiety. (This last one is a common issue for any adult, male or female.)

Cravings - Cravings are non-existent on the Thermo Diet. These usually result from micronutrient deficiencies. The Thermo Diet naturally corrects these deficiencies. Another benefit of this diet is that it caters to your body’s needs, so you won’t ever feel left out or deprived in any way.

Removing Blockers:

Vegetables - One facet of the Thermo Diet that may be surprising is the avoidance of many vegetables. Specifically, you’ll avoid cruciferous vegetables. This is because they contain blockers that prevent proper hormonal balance and encourage micronutrient deficiencies. These vegetables include Brussels sprouts, kale, broccoli, and bok choy. They contain goitrogens, a blocker that steals iodine from the thyroid gland. When this occurs, the thyroid can’t properly produce hormones, which can result in goiter (an enlarged thyroid), as well as reduced hormonal and metabolic function. They also contain trypsin inhibitors, causing your body to inefficiently break down protein. This can lead to thinning hair, digestive distress, poor skin health, and muscle loss.

This also represents a potential issue with vegan diets. Often, vegan diets are quite high in phytoestrogens, trypsin inhibitors, and goitrogens, while also being low in protein. When this occurs, several problems can develop. The thyroid becomes dysregulated, which lowers metabolism and puts the body in a chronic catabolic state. Eating very little protein results in less muscle and enzymatic function, along with less fuel for the body.

Additionally, a diet high in phytoestrogens results in excess estrogen, which can cause muscle loss, increased fat gain, increased risk of breast cancer, anxiety, and depression. If vegans are getting adequate protein intake, the protein they’re eating is most likely not going to be absorbed due to the trypsin inhibitors we talked about before.

But fear not, as there are plant-friendly proteins in the Thermo Diet.

PUFAs - Other blockers include polyunsaturated fatty acids or PUFAs for short. When the body breaks down these fatty acids, it converts them to free radicals. These free radicals attack healthy cells, which results in inflammation. Inflammation causes most — if not all — chronic diseases. And free radicals have been linked to the quality and quantity of life. Essentially, in order to increase longevity and vitality, you MUST reduce free radicals.

Estrogens - It’s also important to avoid soy and flax. They are both high in phytoestrogens, which can mimic estrogen’s role in the body. As discussed earlier, when the body’s estrogen levels are too high, it decreases levels of protective hormones like testosterone and progesterone. This results in chronically elevated stress hormones since cortisol and estrogen work synergistically.

It’s important to point out that many people consume foods avoided in the Thermo Diet and don’t associate these foods with negative effects. However, their health may slowly deteriorate. Conversely, following the Thermo Diet results in better health as time goes on, instead of worsening health. 

Birth Control - There are two main reasons that one would be on oral hormonal contraception: easing of PMS and prevention of pregnancy. As we mentioned previously, when you adopt the Thermo lifestyle and fuel your body properly, your menstrual cycle becomes quite painless. However, the prevention of pregnancy is still a definite concern.

The two hormones used to create oral contraceptives are estrogen and progestin. These two hormones together cause mucosal and structural changes within the uterus to prevent the release of ovaries and uptake of sperm for fertilization. As we now know, excessive estrogen is extremely detrimental to overall health and vitality.

So how do we still prevent pregnancy and have the ability to get off hormonal contraception if that’s what we want? Well, besides good old abstinence, a copper IUD is going to be the most effective form of birth control that won’t affect your hormone levels. It’s relatively inexpensive and is a potential long-term solution. Plus, you can take it out when you decide you want to conceive; the IUD won’t totally destroy one’s ability to have children (unlike sterilization). (Although, in rare cases, the IUD can move and become useless; be aware of this and ask your doctor how to tell when this occurs.)

Avoid Blockers - They quite literally block your body from achieving optimal health.

Adding Activators:

Carbohydrates - Surprisingly, carbohydrates are not on the list of blockers. Carbs — or any other macronutrients, for that matter — aren’t the cause of weight gain. Weight is gained due to a caloric surplus, hormonal imbalances, and disruption of proper metabolic health. If you eat less than your body burns and correct hormonal imbalances, fat will be lost.

Studies have proven that high- and low-carb diets result in the same weight loss if the caloric intake is the same. There are, however, a few cases where low-carb diets are useful in the short term. For example, severe treatment-resistant epilepsy can initially benefit from a low-carb diet. However, in the long-term, it can cause fatigue, brain fog, insulin resistance, and thyroid dysregulation.

The Thermo Diet largely revolves around consuming high-quality meat, fruits, and roots.

High-Quality Meat - The diet recommends high-quality meat to avoid endocrine disruptors and chemicals. By eating organic, grass-fed meat, you avoid dysregulating your system with hormone- and antibiotic-infused meat. Conventional farmers use antibiotics and hormones to keep animals growing so they can receive a higher yield and bigger profits. However, these antibiotics and hormones remain in the animal’s fat. Then you ingest them yourself.

Fruits And Roots - Examples of roots include carrots and potatoes. This is fairly straightforward and leads the way to some pretty epic recipes (which will help with adherence to the diet).

There are two types of fruits: savory and sweet. Savory fruits include squash, zucchini, and bell peppers. Sweet fruits include bananas, apples, and kiwis.

Funny enough, fruits are naturally intended to be eaten, as indicated by how they reproduce. Animals ingest the fruit and defecate the remains in another area. This includes the seeds of the fruit, which allows it to spread and reproduce, something that could not occur unless these fruits were consumed.

By following the Thermo Diet, you’ll consume the right types of carbs to properly fuel your body. Additionally, you’ll become more sensitive to insulin, which will result in your body making less and using it more effectively. Plus, you’ll avoid insulin resistance, which can lead to type 2 diabetes and other adverse heart defects.

Working Out - An important addition to most diets is working out, with the end goal of weight loss and improved body composition. However, if you maintain a caloric deficit by eating less than your body burns, you’ll lose weight whether you work out or not.

Despite the fact that working out isn’t necessary on the Thermo Diet, resistance training is one of the best ways to prevent age-related diseases. It helps decrease injuries, while increasing energy, bone mineral density, and brain health. So consider pairing the Thermo Diet with a resistance training regimen that you enjoy and can sustain for the long run.

Your Body-Type Action Plan:

The Thermo Diet focuses on three main body types: pituitary, thyroid, and liver. Knowing which type you are is extremely important to the metabolism and hormonal balance of the human body. Once the Thermo Diet classifies your body type, you have the knowledge and tools necessary to correct any dysregulation that occurs.

Sometimes medical professionals incorrectly diagnose dysregulation. They prescribe you wrong medications instead of solving the root cause. If your body can return to homeostasis, as it’s being fueled properly, you can solve the issue naturally.


UMZU’s reason for encouraging the Thermo diet is to give people the tools they need to reach optimal health. We want everyone to experience what it’s like to be the best possible version of yourself, in all aspects of life.

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Here’s to your optimal health!