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The UMZU Supplement Quiz: A Step By Step Guide

By Jayton Miller

The UMZU Supplement Quiz was designed to help UMZU customers find the exact supplements that are right for them. With custom recommendations for each person that takes it, the UMZU supplement quiz is the best way to know what supplements are perfect for your given body and circumstances. 

Table Of Contents: 

Sex Assigned At Birth:

gender for umzu supplement quiz

This helps us tailor your recommendations based on your biology due to key differences between the hormonal status between sexes. 

Age Identification:

age for umzu supplement quiz

Identifying the specific age range in order to curate the supplements that will best serve you. Depending on where you are in your life, your need for different types of supplements can go up or down. For example, someone above the age of 50 is a lot more likely to need extra collagen supplementation to help with skin and joint health versus someone who is 20 years old. However, both of them can benefit from collagen or bone broth supplementation, it just becomes more of a necessity for older individuals. 

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Identifying How Much You Know About Supplements:

how you know about supps for umzu supplement quiz

  • Informed - this means that you are highly knowledgeable about supplements. You know exactly what you want and don’t need any extra fluff in the information we provide to you when giving you a custom recommendation.
  • Curious - I know supplements are good for you and am interested in trying supplements OR I take supplements but am curious to learn more about what the ingredients in the supplements are doing.
  • Skeptical - I am interested in looking into supplements, but I'm skeptical of the impact supplements have on the body.

What You Would Like Help With?:

what you would like help with for umzu supplement quiz

  • ED - Erectile dysfunction is something many men struggle with, especially in the current world that we live in. Due to various environmental, nutritional, and even mental stressors, erectile dysfunction is becoming more and more prevalent. Providing your body with key nutrients that help deal with stress and promote blood flow can help to alleviate this issue. 
  • Poor blood flow - Poor blood flow can lead to many different issues. Cold fingers and toes along with poor nutrient delivery make blood flow a serious issue to overcome. By enhancing full body blood flow, you will eliminate cold fingers and toes while maximizing nutrient delivery to every part of the body. 
  • Brain fog - Brain fog is an issue that plagues many people on a daily basis. Not allowing for clear or orderly thought, brain fog can be a  serious issue for many people wishing to be as productive as possible and who want to perform at their highest level. 
  • Memory loss - Memory loss tends to get worse as you age. This is a result of worsening micronutrient deficiencies over time. By knowing this, we can target certain deficiencies common in circumstances with poor brain function.  
  • Stress - Stress is the silent killer. If there is one thing that you should focus on to help increase the quality of your life and your health in general, it is to decrease the amount of physical and mental stressors that you have in your life. By using strategic herbs, vitamins, and minerals we can lower stress in the body and help make this process much easier. 
  • Constipation - The body has a waste removal system to get rid of all of the junk that doesn’t need to be in the body. When you are constipated your body doesn't have the ability to get rid of that waste and it begins to be absorbed back into the body, wreaking havoc on the system. 
  • Trouble Losing weight - If you are having trouble losing weight, you more than likely have a few micronutrient deficiencies that are hindering your progress. By knowing this issue, we can target this with specific micronutrients that are common in people who have trouble losing weight. 
  • Trouble Gaining Weight - Trouble gaining weight is a serious issue for a large population of people. By knowing this, we can recommend specific supplements that over time can help improve weight gain. 
  • Headaches - Headaches are becoming increasingly common and can be alleviated by lowering stress and eliminating key micronutrient deficiencies. (they can even be worsened by constipation 😱)
  • Bad Mood - Imbalances in certain micronutrients can have a massive impact on your mood. By eliminating these and giving your body key micronutrients and herbs, you can help push the scale in the right direction promoting a more favorable mood on a daily basis. 
  • Trouble Sleeping - Sleeping issues are mostly due to increased stress on the system and a deficiency in minerals and amino acids. By lowering stress and increasing the intake of specific minerals and amino acids, you can promote relaxation and deep sleep easily. 
  • Poor Hormone Production - Poor hormone production is a result of micronutrient deficiencies, poor nutrition, and excess stress. By lowering stress and eliminating key deficiencies (and improving nutrition), you can help boost hormone production naturally over time. 
  • Sickness - Being sick is not fun, and by taking key nutrients that can help support the immune system and the body’s resilience to foreign invaders, you can decrease the susceptibility you have to getting sick. 
  • Low Energy - Fatigue and low energy is a common problem in our modern world. This comes from inactivity, poor nutrition, excess stress, and yes- micronutrient deficiencies. By getting active on a daily basis, getting in good nutrition, and lowering stress with key herbs, vitamins, and minerals, you can increase your energy effortlessly. 
  • Poor Athletic Performance - Poor athletic performance can be defined in many different ways. The definition of poor athletic performance we see as most beneficial for supplement recommendations is athletic performance that does not meet the expectations of the individual. In this case, we can recommend specific products that have been formulated to  increase performance by helping to increase power output, increase stamina, and overall workout capacity. 
  • Low Blood Sugar - Low blood sugar can cause an increase in stress hormones to free up energy stores in the body. This results in a “hangry” feeling or a feeling of weakness and fatigue. By providing your body with key herbs and vitamins, you can sustain regular blood sugar levels consistently throughout the day allowing for these symptoms to be eliminated. This also results in less cravings throughout the day and keeps you satiated all day long. 
  • Cold Hands And Feet - Cold hands and feet are a result of poor blood flow and excess stress. By lowering stress and maximizing blood flow, you can eliminate cold hands and feet for good. 
  • Bloating - Bloating is extremely uncomfortable and is often caused by 2 things, improper microbiome composition (the makeup of bacteria in the gut) and slow or delayed digestion. By taking the right kind of probiotics to help push the microbiome composition in the right direction and improving digestion, this problem can easily be eliminated. 
  • Thinning Hair - Thinning hair is a result of excess stress and poor energy production at the follicle of the hair. By lowering stress and increasing energy production through increasing the metabolic rate, you can easily reverse hair thinning. 
  • Poor Skin - For the same reason hair begins to thin, skin begins to become weak and ages quickly. This can be prevented by providing your body with specific amino acids that help to form the collagenous part of the skin and improving the metabolic rate by lowering stress and eliminating micronutrient deficiencies. 
  • Weak Nails - Weak nails are a result of poor metabolic function and a deficiency of amino acids. By correcting the amino acid balance in the body and increasing metabolic function, we can begin to help the nails grow stronger and thicker. 
  • Regular Thirst - Not having regular thirst, or being thirsty all of the time is usually a result of a mineral imbalance that can easily be corrected with supplementation.
  • Muscle Soreness - Muscle soreness comes from decreased ability to get out different kinds of metabolites from the muscle. By increasing the body’s capacity to move out these metabolites, muscle soreness can be decreased significantly. 
  • Stiff Joints - Stiff joints come from a myriad of things, however there are certain amino acids and minerals that can be used in order to help alleviate stiffness of the joints and improve overall mobility of the joints while helping to decrease the inflammatory load of the joints that contributes to stiffness. 

When You Look For A Supplement You Are Looking To?:

goals for umzu supplement quiz

  • Solve a specific problem - by identifying this we can narrow in on the exact supplements that are going to best serve you. If you are looking for a blood sugar support supplement, we don’t want to recommend a testosterone booster. This allows us to avoid that. 
  • Interested in anything that will make you feel better and improve overall health - By knowing this, we have more options to choose from when it comes to your recommendations and can put together a stack that will help you feel and perform your best day in and day out.

Dedication Level:

dedication level for umzu supplement quiz

This will determine the number of supplements we recommend to you and how aggressive we should be with your recommendations. 

  • I'm Only Looking For Quick Results - this is for someone who would like to see quick results from the supplements they are taking, usually within 2-4 weeks
  • I'm Willing To Commit More Than A Month Of Consistency For My Results - This is for the people who are ready to take the leap and fully develop an entire lifestyle revolving around health and taking care of themselves.

If you would like to get a custom recommendation of supplements tailored to your needs then make sure to check out The UMZU Supplement Quiz!

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