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What Is Aloe Ferox Leaf Extract?

By Jayton Miller

There's no doubt you've heard of Aloe. Many people keep aloe plants on hand in their windows to soothe minor burns.  Did you know there are more than 360 species of aloe identified worldwide? Over half of these are native to South Africa and offer a variety of therapeutic and medicinal benefits. Aloe Ferox is one such species of Aloe that originates in South Africa but is now grown around the world and sold for its benefits. 


What Is Aloe Ferox Leaf Extract?:

What Is Aloe Ferox Leaf Extract

Aloe ferox leaves extract is derived from the aloe ferox plant. This species of aloe is one that is native to South Africa and contains more than 130 active compounds.  The popular herb is closely related to the well-known aloe vera but has substantially more to offer than its close cousin.

The phytochemicals present in aloe ferox leaves extract are responsible for its value in treating various conditions. Aloe ferox contains phytochemicals such as:

  • Phenols
  • Tannins
  • Flavinoids
  • Flavanols
  • Proanthocyanidins
  • Alkaloids
  • Saponins

Aloe ferox leaves extract is known as an antioxidant and was historically used to treat constipation. Through extensive research, we now know much more about the medicinal benefits aloe ferox offers.

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Benefits of Aloe Ferox Leaves Extract:

Aloe Ferox Benefits


Aloe ferox leaf extract has a variety of benefits and is used as a burn treatment, an anti-inflammatory and a method to improve the health of the immune system.

Healthy Skin and Wound Healing

Aloe ferox is well-known for its benefits as a topical application to the skin. A study conducted by North-west University found that Aloe ferox is effective in relieving erythema, which is a reddening or irritation of the skin. The study further concluded that patients saw similar results from aloe ferox extract treatment as those who used hydrocortisone gel. A different study shows that Aloe is effective for healing and soothing minor wounds and burns.


Prostaglandins are known for promoting inflammation within the body. Research shows that Aloe ferox inhibits the production of prostaglandin and thereby could help reduce inflammation throughout the body.

Improve Immune System Health

Aloe is also known for its immune modulation abilities in which it is able to alter how the immune system responds in order to better fight infections and disease.

How to Use Aloe Ferox Leaves Extract:

How To Use Aloe Ferox Leaf Extract

Aloe ferox is an herb that is commonly used as a gel in cosmetic products and food products. It can also be used topically for wounds as well as an oral dietary supplement. Aloe ferox can even be taken as a juice to help aid with things such as diabetes.

Aloe Ferox leaves extract is generally considered safe as a topical application. When taken orally it is important to follow the manufacturer's directions closely as higher than recommended doses can lead to kidney damage and potentially be fatal.

Before using Aloe Ferox as a digestive supplement, it is important to consult with your healthcare provider. According to the Mayo Clinic, possible side effects include interactions with certain medications such as laxatives, anticoagulants, and diuretics. Your doctor can evaluate your current health and any medications you are on in order to prevent unwanted medication interactions.

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Foods That Contain Aloe Ferox Leaves Extract:

Foods That Contain Aloe Ferox

Aloe ferox is not naturally occurring in foods nor is it an ingredient that is used in the preparation of foods. Some people do consume aloe ferox juice for digestive health. The most common way of orally consuming aloe ferox is as a digestive supplement.

Although Aloe Ferox is not as commonly recognized as aloe vera, thanks to its phytochemical components, it contains important medicinal values as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and topical remedy for burns and wounds. Try it out for yourself and experience  all the benefits it has to offer!


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