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"I love sensolin it helps me keep my sugar well balanced I have tried other things out there for my sugar but nothing works like sensolin I love it thank you UMZU"
- Martha O.  Verified Buyer

The naturally-sourced vitamins and minerals found in Sensolin have also been shown in research to help users lose excess weight and reduce the mid-day blood sugar "crashes" that many of us dread on a daily basis. †


Real You Can Feel With Sensolin.



The ingredients in Sensolin are shown to support metabolic health and function.†



Experience a smoother digestion process when you take Sensolin with meals daily.†



The ingredients in Sensolin help you to maintain normal insulin sensitivity which provides support for your weight loss goals and promotes healthy weight management.†*


5 Amazing Ingredients That Support Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

The ingredients in Sensolin help maintain healthy blood sugar levels and weight maintenance in conjunction with a well-balanced diet. In addition, with daily supplementation, hunger and cravings diminish and those mid-day mood swings start to disappear.† See all ingredients

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Berberine HCl

Berberine is a highly researched alkaloid extracted from various plants, and has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for hundreds of years. The benefits of berberine may include support for maintaining balanced blood sugar and normal blood pressure.†

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how to use
Option 1

Take 1 capsule 15 minutes before each meal to support balanced blood sugar

Option 2

Take 3 capsules with your post-workout meal to support the uptake of glycogen

Option 3

Take 3 capsules when you wake up in the morning to help support stable blood sugar all day long

frequently asked questions

What does Sensolin do?

Sensolin is designed to help the body support normal blood sugar levels after meals.

How do I take Sensolin?

For best results, simply take 1 capsule with each meal throughout the day for a total of 3 capsules. If you are using Sensolin for sports performance, take 1-3 capsules of Sensolin with your post-workout meal in order to increase the amount of glycogen storage and retention from the post-workout meal.

Is Sensolin vegan?

The capsule is made from bovine gelatin, so the product overall is not vegan. However, the contents are vegan-friendly.

Is Sensolin dairy-free?

Yes, Sensolin is dairy-free, however, it is processed in the same facility as some dairy-containing products.

Can I take Sensolin with medication?

We always recommend talking to your prescribing physician before using any supplements to ensure that they are safe to take with your medical history.

Can I take Sensolin on an empty stomach?

We recommend taking Sensolin with or near plenty of food and water to avoid any kind of digestive upset.

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Oscar A.
laguna niguel

great product but a little too expensive

I love your product, I' m diabetic and it has helped out a lot. It has helped me lower my glucose levels. On the other hand, I think the product is bit too expensive for a months use. I'd pay $30-$35, that's just my opinion. I use other products like Moringa powder and hebal teas that also help me lower my glucose levels a long with exercise and is no where near $50. I tried it out but I think its a bit expensive.

Craig C.
United States United States

This product works!

I did two things in the beginning. I asked God to help me get my health under control and I started taking Sensolin. That was about 6 months ago and I am very pleased. It took about 6 weeks before I started feeling the effect. My mind became more clear, my energy level started to increase I stopped snacking, I stopped craving heavy meals and junk food. I eat a fraction of what I used to and I don't miss it at all. I even enjoy salads now. My A1C is down, I've lost 35 pounds and I feel great!

Diane T.
United States

Sensolin has made a difference

My experience with Sensolin has been a very positive reaction. My sugar levels has been under 150 as before taking with my prescribed medicine was hoovering 200 and above. My a1c count has dropped from 899 to 740 in 2 months. Very satisfied

UMZU SENSOLIN: Natural Blood Sugar Support Supplement Review
Wanda B.
United States

I have been a diabetic

I have been a diabetic for many years and have taken the medicines that the doctor prescribed and nothing helped..I tried Sensolin when I ran out of my jarviance..It was a miracle and I surprised my endocronoligist..My sugars have come down and have stayed level for the first time in 20 years..Thank you..

Tim L.
United States United States

The best supplement company!

This company is fixing the problem with Gods natural products. Micronutrients & Minerals that get to the root of the problem. I have been using sensolin in place of metformin for almost 1 month. Can’t wait to get my blood work done. I feel great. Just purchased testosterone x, redwood and another bottle of sensolin. 5 stars all day

UMZU SENSOLIN: Natural Blood Sugar Support Supplement Review

It works

It lowered my sugar..Id buy it again but alittle too pricey but definitely works

Sandy A.
United States United States


After taking Sensolin for a month or so my A1C went from 6.9 to 6.4 my doctor said whatever you’re doing keep it up!

Colin C.
United States

Great product

Been using sensolin for about 6 mos now. I felt like I was dying every day before. Now, Sensolin powers me through even the most exerting days so I feel human again, with no diabetic side effects. Of course, eating right is key, but this product is my lifesaver. No drawn out anemic feelings any more. And my numbers have improved also.

UMZU SENSOLIN: Natural Blood Sugar Support Supplement Review
Jeremy H.

No More Sluggish Crashes and More Energy

Very pleased with the results of this. At first i was skeptical, but it was worth a try at $35, it costs much more on amazon, i think it was around 50 bucks. Took it for the whole month and have since stopped crashing after eating and have been much more energized overall. I had no clue that insulin resistance could be an issue for me as im pretty healthy, so im very happy to have stumbled across chris's ad on facebook. Learning so much on the site.

Larry B.

I'm a 63 year old Truck Driver

I'm a 63 year old truck driver I'm a 63 year old truck driver. I drive between 4,000 to 6,000 miles per week. I'm also retired military. I see other truck drivers with massive bellies which I don't want. Boredom eating is constant for truck drivers! So, I started taking Sensolin to balance my blood sugar and prevent cravings. It really works! I'm less interested in eating and in 3 weeks had to tighten my belt by one hole. I'm about to add a gut health product Floracil50 Probiotic next.

Samer T.
United States

Ending sugar cravings

Just finished my first bottle so I don’t want to speak too soon,but my craving to sweet is less and almost gone. and i feel more energy through the day.

UMZU SENSOLIN: Natural Blood Sugar Support Supplement ReviewUMZU SENSOLIN: Natural Blood Sugar Support Supplement ReviewUMZU SENSOLIN: Natural Blood Sugar Support Supplement Review
earl f.
United States

sensolin and its effectiveness

i am a 55 year old male that was recently diagnosd that my body does not use insulin properly. this was a shock to me as i am not overweight and am in good physical shape (5'9 & 150lbs). found this product while searching online for help in controlling blood sugar. i have been taking sensolin for the past 4 months and this supplement combined with a few other supplements and a consistent fitness regimen. i am well pleased with the effectiveness of this supplement, the fact that the pill has virtually no taste nor does it create any stomach distress and the promptness of ordering and receiving is quick. i see a long and happy relationship.

Baxter D.
United States

march. results

Will it was on the exact day 11 march and my blood surgers were @81 in the early moring from 225 the day before. It took some time but it really works for me. And now its the 20 of march and it has been low at 81. 72. 77 and89 those reading where last week so its been there four or five times this so is working great. Trust me when i say this as it is still working well. Baxter Delavalette .

Linnett D.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

SENSOLIN: Natural Blood Sugar Support Supplement

My husband as been using Sensolin just a month ago and has been seen a lot of changes with his blood sugar his blood sugar was always over 13.5 and the lowest it ever been was 12.5. Since he has been taking the, Sensolin it is at 7.5 and it is the first bottle. He told me he will continue taking Sensolin until his doctor take him off all the medication. Thanks UMZU for such powerful supplement.

Mormon b.
United States United States

Sensoline has worked perfect for me

Insulin resistant and took metformin, but didn't want prescription with side effects wanted natural. Then tried sensolin and after few weeks felt great!! Been taking sensolin for about a year.

Ana O.
United States

Weight loss

Working but really slow 2 bottles already saw some difference in blood sugar and lost 5 pound in 3 months

UMZU SENSOLIN: Natural Blood Sugar Support Supplement ReviewUMZU SENSOLIN: Natural Blood Sugar Support Supplement Review
Teresa T.
United States

Suffer no more

Great. The Sensolin has assisted with suppressing my appetite but the greater benefit is helping keep my blood sugar numbers down. It has allowed me to be more insulin sensitive.

Michael R.
United States

This product is amazing

For years I was on medication given to me by a doctor. I always felt like I was worse than the disease itself. Then I found out about sensolin and my life changed. I've been taking it now for about 3 months and my blood sugar levels have gone down. I feel like I have more energy throughout the day. I recommend this product.

Glenn R.
United States

Right track

Sensolin has been part of my regiment for about 9 months with other supplements and eating low carb with walking. Results so far have been great lower daily numbers which is supported by my A1C level of 6. I have not been at that number in my 20+ years of dealing with high blood sugar.

Byrd H.
United States United States

I feel much better with sensolin

Feel better, no more hunger pain like before if go 3 hours without eating. Dr said was insulin resistant before, now normal.

Umzu Owl

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