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Here is the TRUTH that I have accepted and hopefully you will accept soon...

The TRUTH is that the only way to achieve optimal health is to align everything in your life towards a hormonal homeostasis

Your hormones are at the core of your body’s ability to perform and kind of metabolic really perform everything. They play a vital role in determining your mood, your physical ability, your cognition, even your digestion...

Everything is either directly or indirectly controlled by your hormones. They are basically your body's powerful messengers. Unfortunately, the health and fitness community is not in line with this or simply doesn't realize it! They're all focused on vanity... on simply getting bigger arms or chiseled abs. It's a shame that people go after those pursuits blatantly in the face of their health.

What's even worse it that they will often leverage fake hormones - like anabolic steroids - to achieve these goals...

On top of that, they end up wrecking their hormones in the process by doing crazy crash dieting and eating in a way that does NOT support hormonal homeostasis and training in a way that is completely counterproductive to their health!

This is why I created the THOR program...


THOR stands for Testosterone Hormonal Optimization Resistance Training. I consider it to be the next step beyond the TestShock Program. The TestShock Program is designed to help you address your foundational health as a man - how to eat the right way, live the right way, what to avoid, what to focus on, that kind of stuff...

My focus for the past few years, personally, has not been in weight training. It has mostly been in leveraging calisthenics and weighted calisthenics for the neuromuscular benefits. I’ve seen amazing customer testimonial stories from people who have used this, but there were always a ton of requests from people wanting me to show a more advanced system and how to leverage NM training in the weight room.

In starting the development of the THOR program, I knew I wanted to show guys how to leverage the weight room and use NM training for their benefit so they could optimize the amount of Testosterone and Growth Hormone output in their body.

I went the the “drawing board” to put down ideas...I looked objectively at what exists in the fitness industry and what exists outside of the fitness industry...

Through vigorous research, studying, and personal experimentation, I developed what I believe to be the most optimal hormonal workout program - The THOR Program.

This is hands down the complete & best way to train your body...

It is designed specifically using power movements and having a strength progression with those power movements to facilitate an adaptive response in your muscle tissue.

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Christopher.....I work with hundreds of men each year who are leaving prison and re-entering our communities all over Indiana. Some are "ready" for a successful re-entry and will create the action steps to make it happen, others will simply say what they think i want to hear all too eager to manipulate (and are usually quite good at it) to get what they want. I've gotten pretty good at discerning between the two. I have always wished it were much simpler to be able to discern those "speaking truth" vs. those saying "what i wanted to hear" when it comes to the service and products you and your company provide for men (like me) who just want to resolve the problem that causes so much pain (emotionally), I've been a client for a couple of weeks now and have purchased several of the products that you teach will meet that need. Now in my third week of using each one and dosing exactly how you recommend and just yesterday began to be aware of subtle but real improvement. You, Christopher, obviously know what to say and how to deliver the products....but it is because I connect with your "WHY" you are doing all of this that i deeply appreciate and wish to express gratitude to you. Profit always is a result of "what and how"......loyalty is born from "knowing the why" and connecting with clients/customers at this deep level. Kudos to you and Umzuceuticals. Can hardly wait for the results coming my way in the next days, weeks and months!

Olaf K.
United States

Excellent book if you are willing to spend time understanding the science

I've been using the Vitality Stack for six months and the results have been amazing, so I decided to go further by planning a better workout program. THOR definitely works! Never thought that REST would be so important, and the combo of exercise AND nutritional supplementation. The book is no easy read and requires some serious interest in science and medicine, but is worth it if you are willing to put the time in - which you should. Totally worth the investment.

Brian B.
United States

Awesome Book!

I love this book! I enjoy a book that has science to back up claims. it has helped me achieve my goals so far!

john s.
United States


great! this book is very informative.

Alex M.

Great products

These are such great products!


More **** for your buck

I really enjoyed this program and how the feel of it gets you to a place where you can design your own workouts.

Saint Cloud, Florida

Awesome book.

I already purchased a book that Chris wrote that had improved my life, and so when I saw that he was releasing another book I knew I had to purchase it. I was not disappointed. Chris is very thorough in the way he presents information but is clear in what he is saying even to a noob like me. So if you're new to working out and want a book that will improve not just your workout but your entire life then choose this one. Not many other workout books can boast about that.

Houston, TX

Really good information.

Love the book and how it pretty much gives a step by step guide to getting into shape.

Umzu Owl

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