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"I absolutely love these. I have noticed a huge change in my energy level and I do not feel as bloated when I take these. These have helped me so much and I will continue taking them."
- Shannon C.  Verified Buyer

Support your thyroid gland health by supplementing with Thyrite. A properly functioning thyroid promotes metabolic health and weight loss*, as well as healthier hair, skin, and nails.

Your thyroid is a crucial endocrine system gland, so when it's not functioning properly the health disruptions you may experience can be extremely difficult to deal with as they could negatively impact your daily life.†


Something Wrong?
Let's Make it Rite.



Healthy thyroid function plays an important part in supporting healthy weight loss* and management. Supplement with Thyrite to stay on track.†



When metabolic rate increases, so does your energy! Feel a more sustained daily energy.†



By firing up your natural metabolism, you support fat loss, energy and warmer extremities!†


Natural Thyroid-Boosting Ingredients

Support a healthy thyroid & metabolism with Thyrite. Thyrite by UMZU is a custom formula made of 12 research-backed natural ingredients designed to help you support a healthy metabolism, energy levels, weight loss & well-functioning thyroid.† See all ingredients

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KSM-66® Ashwagandha & Forskolin photo
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Magnesium is well-studied for the beneficial effect it has on thyroid function. Healthy magnesium levels are required in order for your thyroid to function properly.†

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how to use
Take 4 Capsules

Take 4 Capsules per day with a meal.

Relaxing or Stimulating?

Some customers find the ashwagandha relaxing, in which case Thyrite could be taken at the end of the day. Some customers find the ashwagandha stimulating, in which case Thyrite could be taken in the morning

You May Choose to Cycle

Studies suggest the adaptogenic herbs in Thyrite are most effective in a 5 days on, 2 days off regimen

frequently asked questions

What does Thyrite do?

Thyrite is a natural thyroid support supplement. It is designed to help support a healthy stress response.

How do I take Thyrite?

Simply take 4 capsules of Thyrite either in the morning or before bed and with a meal.

Is Thyrite vegan?

The capsule is made from bovine gelatin, so the product overall is not vegan. However, the contents are vegan-friendly.

Is Thyrite dairy-free?

Thyrite is dairy free, however, it is manufactured in a facility that manufactures dairy-containing products.

Can I take Thyrite with medication?

We always recommend talking to your prescribing physician before using any supplements.

Can I take Thyrite on an empty stomach?

We do not recommend taking Thyrite on an empty stomach as some of the ingredients are best absorbed when taken with food.

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United States United States

Wow. I see you...

First off, I have tried a few products of UMZU and majority have been successful. Thyrite is my fourth product that I have tried and completed 30 days. My mother has hypothyroidism and I have been testing TSH levels every year. My levels have been normal. However, the thyroid is incredible important for hormone balance and immunity. So I thought I need to give my thyroid the best nutrients to keep it running. Below is a list of benefits I've experienced. 1) I sh*t so well everyday lol. I am not kidding. I had constipation issues and bam gone! 2) I sleep deeper and longer 3) Better sleep have led me to have overall improved mood 4) More energy and less muscle soreness 5) I didn't not see any improvement in hair or nails thanks!

Bolivia Bolivia


I have never written review specially for a supplement but all my respect to Christopher and his team. Was suffering from aggressive Acne (not one pimple talking about a full face) and learned how it correlates with your Thyroids. I even considered taking Accutane as I was prescribed from a Dermatologist being the “only” solution to control this disease. I’ve always been a believer on food being the remedy of all issues and I still believe Acne comes from the inside out. Gave this a shot and within 15 days my acne got controlled and vanished. No creams or drugs. Definitely recommend to anyone suffering any problems related to Thyroid. I appreciate the quality of the ingredients Chris and the honest research you have done. Will be buying every month now. Try it out!

Jennifer B.
United States United States

Thyrite, incredible fixing everything

I am almost completely normal again I am 41 feeling like 18 again, my nails are growing brand new healthy and the healthy nail will replace the split layer splitting sides nails I've been dealing with for a while, Thyrite by umzu.com your thyroid is crying out for micronutrients like mine was and the thyroid controls every part and process of the body, and I'm not a seller of anything or working for any company this i have been taking now for 4 months and I'm 41 and feel like I'm 18 again, my body is almost all the way back to normal, I have 1/4in of new nail growth that is a healthy nail that won't split like they have been for years because of the doctors telling me there was nothing at all wrong with any of my thyroid levels, they lied or had no knowledge of what they were talking about, I went years with every hormone that goes to each part of the body and organs and nail beds slowly going bad leading to heath problems in everyone's body due especially to selenium deficiency and iodine deficiency causing even alzimers and dementia and coma and death I have hypothyroidism moving toward completely normal it even caused pre-menapausal with pregnancy symptoms They said if anything i would have been closer to hyperthyroidism which makes you loose weight and have panic attacks and heart palpitations (skipping or adding a beat) I had gained 40 lbs in 2 months lol I honestly feel great No aches n pains, thyrite is good for both hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism it gives you everything you need to have a healthy body They have a 60 day money back guarantee if you're not fully satisfied the will return your 2 months worth, after a couple days I could feel a good change, after 3 weeks i felt like a million bucks after 4 months I didn't know it was possible to feel this good again and there's still more blessing in the future because the holy spirit lead me to this...its a miracle in my life Can't wait to see myself next month or a year...wow thank you Jesus and thank you umzu

UMZU Thyrite - Thyroid Support & Metabolism Booster Review
Jason H.
United States United States

The real deal

My overall experience has been amazing, more than I expected! November 2019 I was wearing a size 40 pants and 3x shirts. Now I'm wearing a size 36 pants and xl shirts! So I'm really shocked! I have people compliment me almost daily on my weight loss. I just do my exercise routine on my bowflex and not overeat and the weight just comes off. I'm very satisfied and I'm making a order now. Thank you so much!

tracy c.
United States United States


I wanted to write this review for anyone on the fence about purchasing this item! I was previously on thyroid medicine for borderline under active thyroid. I was experiencing weight gain, loss of hair (chunks falling out), tiredness and what felt like an internal body itch, I lost sleep at night, etc. after a month on Thyrite I see a huge difference. I’ve lost weight (while working out and tweaking my diet), my hair is NO LONGER falling out and I have no more internal itch. I’m going to continue this product and I’m so excited for the continued results!!! HAPPY customer

Alex B.
United States United States

Thyrite reviews

Overall I really like this product! It’s only my second round taking it but I’ve already noticed increased metabolism and I am better able to regulate my body temperature!

UMZU Thyrite - Thyroid Support & Metabolism Booster Review
Acacia G.
United States United States

Happy with this product

I've gotten my thyroid tested once and unfortunately the test didn't show symptoms of hypothyroidism but I swear I have it. But since taking these pills I've noticed a difference dramatically. I'll definitely continue taking it!

A UMZU Customer
Kevin D.
United States United States

Great Products

I suggested my wife to start taking this product with her hypothyroid issues, it seems to be helping with her mood and focus. Keep up the great products.

Rosetha M.
United States United States

Staying steadfast

By the grace of Allah(God), i am not as tired, and my bowel movement is regular, since i have been taking thyrite. However, the weight is still hanging on. But,I hope to see an improvement in it,if i stay steadfast with taking the thyrite.

United States United States


No more brain fog and no more cold hands and feet!!! Lovely supplement :)

Stephanie C.
United States United States

I'm finally losing weight

Was doing keto for a month, making sure to eat at a deficit - with no weight loss, until a few weeks after I started taking Thyrite. So, I think it works! I've been losing about a pound a week now (my starting percent body fat was 30%) for 3 weeks so far.

Crevenne C.
United States United States

Great product!!

I've been using this for about 2 months now and I can definitely say it's helping in a big way!! I've cut down on many of my other supplements but I take this each morning with 2 choline tabs and dessicated thyroid supp. My brain fog has been gone, I have much more energy during the day and don't get the fatigue that plagued me for years!! Next step is to start with Testro X again. Thanks

Byron M.
United States United States

Better than before, but not a life changer. Would be a much better customer if they damn prices weren't so high$$$

Jimmie W.
United States United States

Labs Proved

Our physician informed my Wifey about her blood samples and it was her Thyroids. I ordered Thyrite to see if it would help with her symptoms. Help to report her Most recent Lab came back normal. Thank U

UMZU Thyrite - Thyroid Support & Metabolism Booster Review
United States United States

So far, so good!

It's only been a few weeks, but I feel it's helping. The bottom line is that it's a multivitamin for your thyroid, so it's a win anyway!

United States United States

Great produce!

seriously, this is a quality product that gave me noticeable results. more energy and at 38years young my hair has stop falling out. Thanks UMZU!

lenin C.
United States United States

Makes you regular

Wow gave me the poops.

Alexis N.
United States United States

Thyrite Review

Thyrite gives me the extra energy that I was not receiving from levothyroxine alone. I noticed the difference that first day of taking it. It really makes a difference in my daily life.

UMZU Thyrite - Thyroid Support & Metabolism Booster Review
Clifford B.
United States United States


My overall experience was quite positive. Thyrite should be in everyone’s cabinet simply because it has ALL the essentials for nutrition, which I take also with testro X at night, so my plan is to take this for the rest of my life.

Chris S.
United States United States

A Great Investment

I am really enjoying the quality of the Thyrite supplement. Since I have been supplementing with it I have experienced improved skin quality, increased appetite, and fat loss. My body temperature has also increased and I have much more energy. I highly recommend this supplement to help maximize your thyroid health.

Umzu Owl

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