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Instant Coffee with Lion's Mane Mushrooms & Dynamine
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Energy, Focus & Memory
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"I was looking for a great tasting coffee, with added health benefits! I finally found the one!!!!!! I am a coffee snob and it's hard to find a smooth, good tasting coffee. I was pleasantly surprised that I actually loved the taste. No bitterness, no strong taste of mushroom at all. It almost has a slight taste of drinking a mocha coffee."
- Amanda  Verified Buyer

zuBREW is all about giving you lasting energy all day long.

With the potent energy combination of Purcaf Organic Caffeine, Lion's Mane Mushrooms, MCT Oil, & Dynamine, just one cup every morning will keep you focused, dialed-in, and energetic on a whole new level. 

Instructions: mix one scoop with hot or cold water. Recommended for morning use only.


Upgrade Your Morning Routine with zuBREW



With a single scoop you will be fueled by caffeine, dynamine and MCT creating a trifecta of energy enhancing ingredients.



zuBREW contains Lion's Mane mushroom which has been shown to improve object recognition and memory naturally.



The ingredients in zuBREW work together to create an unmatched level of focus and improve overall cognitive health.


Smooth, Delicious Taste & All-Day Energy With zuBREW's Innovative Ingredients

Every ingredient in zuBREW works synergistically together to bring you the most potent energy-boosting coffee ever made. See all ingredients

Purcaf® Organic Caffeine: photo
Lion's Mane Mushrooms photo
Dynamine® photo
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Purcaf® Organic Caffeine:

Ethically sourced from organic green coffee beans, Purcaf® is USDA certified organic, fully water soluble for fast-acting energy, and Non-GMO Project Verified. Thanks to the proprietary clean-water extraction process, PurCaf® has a neutral taste profile to ensure there is no bitterness in zuBREW, giving you a smooth, refreshing taste you'll come back for every morning.

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Purcaf® Organic Caffeine: photo
how to use
1 Cup per Day

Just one scoop of zuBREW per day in the morning will give you all of the energy you need per day with limited tolerance over extended usage.

Enjoy Hot

Mix 1 Scoop with 8oz of Hot Water. Stir Well.

Or Iced

Mix 1 Scoop with 6oz of Warm Water, Add Ice and Let Chill.

frequently asked questions

Can I still drink regular coffee?

Yes, you can, but due to the caffeine content and added Dynamine, we recommend starting by replacing your morning coffee with zuBREW and adding in additional caffeine if you find it necessary.

Does zuBREW have any side effects?

The potential side effects of zuBREW are in line with the potential side effects of caffeine. If the energy boost is too stimulating for you, we recommend working back to a half scoop and testing until you find your sweet spot in terms of preferred energy levels.

Are there any precautions when taking zuBREW?

We do not recommend taking zuBREW after noon due to the extended energy boost. We also do not recommend consuming any alcoholic beverages on a day where you supplement with zuBREW. If you are pregnant or nursing, we do not recommend supplementing with zuBREW. Finally, do not mix zuBREW in a styrofoam cup. MCT oil reacts with components in styrofoam and will melt the styrofoam cup if zuBREW is mixed in.

Can I take zuBREW if I have high blood pressure?

It is recommended that you consult with your doctor before trying out our products if there are any existing health concerns. Please bring the ingredients list with you.

How much caffeine is in zuBREW?

There is 50mg of PurCaf Organic caffeine in zuBREW. There is also cold brew coffee powder in zuBREW, which brings the caffeine content up to 150mg total in zuBREW. If this is more caffeine than you prefer, you can consume partial doses to cut to the amount of caffeine that works for you.

What does zuBREW taste like?

zuBREW is coffee-flavored and contains real cold brew coffee powder, so the taste of zuBREW is very much like the taste of a regular cup of coffee. The added MCT brings with it a slight additional flavor that is reminiscent of a smooth vanilla.

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Mike M.
United States United States

Way Too Sweet

I was extremely excited when this product was announced, signed up to receive updates, and ordered immediately when it became available. I subscribed of course, one must to make umzu products a little more affordable. As soon as it came in, I opened it up and tried it. So ungodly sickeningly sweet, why make it so sweet! So unnecessary, and it mixes okay as in dissolves we’ll enough in water and other black coffee….however there is no blending or mixing due to the taste/sweetness of it. Now I am stuck with not just 1 but 2 bags because like a ***** I forgot to cancel the subscription. If UMZU comes out with another version of this, make it UNSWEETENED.

Tim C.
United States United States

Too sweet

Disappointed the coffee was so overloaded with stevia. Hope to see unsweetened coffee soon. I’ll be on board for sure !

A UMZU Customer
United States United States

Overly Sweet

I threw my $45 bag away after a few times. Too much sweetener. Gag! I dont mind a tiny bit, however, when I cant taste the coffee, its not coffee any more.

United States United States


I was looking for a great tasting coffee, with added health benefits! I finally found the one!!!!!! I am a coffee snob and it's hard to find a smooth, good tasting coffee. I was pleasantly surprised that I actually loved the taste. No bitterness, no strong taste of mushroom at all. It almost has a slight taste of drinking a mocha coffee. I have tried this iced and hot and both are delicious! I can now replace my unhealthy hot and iced lattes with this zuBREW coffee. Thank you for making such amazing products, I will now be trying more from this company. :)

Angela S.
United States United States

Not for me

I'm disappointed in the coffee because the Stevia has a bad after taste. If that wasn't in it the coffee would be awesome.

Paul D.
United States United States


I really like the product feel I am more awake and have energy. But wish it was not so sweet maybe they could offer it with less sweetness or take it out all together? So my only problem with it I think it is too sweet. That is why I give it a 4 star.

Gerald J.
United States United States


The taste is good, but a bit too sweet for my taste as a coffee beverage. BUT - mixed with yogurt and your fudge brownie collagen protein powder is a much better blend for me. It's great.

Steven G.
United States United States

Emergency Caffeine

Hi I'm saving this for when I run out of coffee beans, or there is a nuclear bomb and I need to boil water, on an open fire. All my best. Pray for peace!

Brand v.
United States United States

Tastes like warm Stevia

Cannot believe how sweet this product is!!! What a disaster. I have never seen a product like this come out that is automatically sweetened & why? Isn’t that what Stevia itself is for. You guys messed this one up big time!!!

Victoria A.
United States United States


Too sweet for my liking. Will try stirring in a spoonful to my regular coffee so I will still get the healthy benefits from it. I think it could be made with less stevia.

United States United States

Contains Stevia

I tried making the coffee a few different ways, hot/cold, and with different add-ons, but couldn't handle the taste of the Stevia. Sadly, I threw this product away. If they come out with a non-sweetened version, I will retry.

James P.
United States United States

Zoo brew

Zoo brew Was very good formulation. But unfortunately for me it caused a little bit of anxiety. I suspect it was the Dynamine

UMZU zuBREW: Instant Coffee with Lion's Mane Mushrooms & Dynamine (Classic Roast) Review
Manuel T.
United States United States

Too sweet

It’s not bad just way to much sweetner

United States United States

Stevia after taste.

Coffee that at first is great, then the Stevia kicks in and lingers on the tongue!..

United States United States

Not worth the high cost

I was expecting a different experience than most people using zuBREW. I really don't feel a difference in energy compared to a cup of organic coffee. Plus the taste of zuBREW is super bitter. Stevia and instant coffee do not match. I would rather have monk fruit sweetener in this than stevia. This is definitely not worth the $50+ for the small bag. Good thing I bought this on a sale. I would have given it a 1 star if it was regular price. You guys need to improve the taste. Once you do, I will give it another try and maybe a better rating.

Lukas B.
United States United States

Not my favorite

No one in my family enjoyed the taste unfortunately I still support umzu just won’t buy this product.

United States United States

Very Good!

This was better than expected. Does not need sweeteners or other additives with it. I ***** some in the morning and was fine all day! I may try with a creamer but it's fine by itself.

cameron m.
United States United States

Great coffee! Too sweet.

I loved the flavor of the coffee, it was way too sweet for me though, an unsweetened version would be great.

Matthew R.
United States United States

Good coffee

I ordered this coffee, trying to stop with the energy drinks. This coffee is good, and my wife loves it too.

dale m.
United States United States

Needs a little refinement

The taste is okay. The after thought benefit does not translate better than a regular brew even with trying 2 scoops. Maybe the other Umzu supplements I take override it?? For the price and 30-day supply in a pouch, I'd say it's a little more on the pricey side.

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