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This unique and powerful digestive enzyme formula contains enzymes that help support the healthy digestion of lactose, carbohydrates, proteins, and fats while also supporting the absorption of the vitamins and minerals in the food you eat.

Supplementing with digestive enzymes can help unlock the full benefit of eating a healthy diet.


Food should work for you, not against you.



A powerful blend of enzymes to aid the digestion of lactose, carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.



Support the body's ability to absorb nutrients from the food you are eating.



Digestive enzymes are essential to good health by helping your body absorb nutrients from the foods you eat. A lack of digestive enzymes may lead to uncomfortable symptoms, food intolerances, or nutritional deficiencies.


21 Digestive Enzymes in Every Capsule

Every capsule comes with 21 different enzymes to help you break down, digest and extract nutrients from even the most difficult to digest foods. Take 1 capsule of zuENZYMES daily with a meal to ensure your gut can break down your food properly for the day. See all ingredients

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The zuDIGESTION formula contains digestive enzymes that support the proper digestion of the food you eat.

  • Amylase helps support digestion of starches
  • Protease helps support digestion of protein
  • Lactase helps support digestion of lactose (found in dairy)
  • Lipase helps support digestion of fats
  • Cellulase helps support the digestion of plants

zuENZYMES includes 200mg of the enzymes above in the zuDIGESTION formula, with even more of these enzymes available in the zuABSORPTION formula.

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how to use
Take 1 Capsule

Take zuENZYMES with your most food-sensitive meal.

Take Once Daily

There is no need to take zuENZYMES more than once per day

Take with a Meal

If you have a known food sensitivity, we recommend that you take zuENZYMES before your most sensitive meal. If you do not have any food sensitivities, simply take zuENZYMES with your largest meal of the day.

frequently asked questions

What does zuEnzymes do?

zuEnzymes is a natural broad-spectrum enzyme supplement designed to support digestion and absorption of nutrients from the food you eat.

How do I take zuEnzymes?

Simply take 1 capsule with your heaviest meals (or meals) of the day to help support better digestion and long-lasting energy from the food you eat.

Is zuEnzymes vegan?

The capsule is made from bovine gelatin, so the product overall is not vegan. However, the contents are vegan-friendly.

Is zuEnzymes dairy-free?

Yes, zuEnzymes is dairy free, however, it is processed in the same facility as some dairy-containing products

Can I take zuEnzymes with medication?

We always recommend talking to your prescribing physician before using any supplements to ensure that they are safe to take with your medical history.

Can I take zuEnzymes on an empty stomach?

It is best to take zuEnzymes with a meal. The digestive enzymes in zuEnzymes will help to support the digestion and absorption of the vitamins and minerals in the food you eat.

What is the difference between zuEnzymes and Floracil50?

ZuEnzymes is our digestive enzyme supplement and Floracil50 is our probiotic supplement. Digestive enzymes assist in the breakdown of the foods we eat. Supplementing with zuEnzymes is designed to help introduce the digestive enzymes your body may be lacking to help support the digestion of the food you eat. Probiotics are the ‘good bacteria’ in your gut. Supplementing with Floracil50 is designed to help to supply the body with more of the good bacteria balance in your gut which can support gut function and gut health. Many individuals take both zuEnzymes and Floracil50 together.

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Tyson S.
United States United States

A great addition to my morning

My biggest meal of the day is always breakfast so this is when I take my ZuEnzymes. I have noticed after only one month that it just feels like I’m getting more from my meal. I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t feel nearly as hungry at lunch and I can’t help but think it’s due to my body extracting more good from my breakfast not leaving my body searching for more nutrition. I’m no expert, just a single dad of 5 trying to give myself every advantage in this life and to be a good example for my children. Thank you for the pursuit of natural health and healing, my body truly loves all of your products I’m taking.

Matthew B.
United States United States

Energy and Smooth Moves

I have been taking this for over a month now. Didn’t know what to expect, but I can say it’s been pretty amazing. I started right after I finished the 15 days on ZuPoo and my issues with chronic diarrhea have all together almost vanished. I have more energy throughout the day. I feel as though I’m actually getting everything from my food; my energy is great, my workouts are great, I’m looking great. I recommend ZuEnzymes for anyone who has digestion issues, or truly wants to maximize the nutrition they are getting from their meals.

Marilyn C.
United States United States


Feel much better than before I was taking it. Digestion has improved tremendously. No more belching and gas and reflux. Highly recommend!

Fritz H.
United States United States

zuEnzyme is the real deal!

I've taken zuEnzyme for a little over a month now and it seems like the extra weight (fat) is melting off. My joints feel stronger. I'm more limber now than I was back in high school! zuEnzyme is a GOD SEND! Thank you guys for all you do! I greatly appreciate the integrity you carry behind all of your products. Keep up the great work!

Kevin R.
United States United States


My overall experience has been very positive. I’ve had gut issues for years. I have used a variety of other products with no improvement. Zuenzymes is the only thing I’ve changed in the last 2 months and I’ve see a marked improvement in my gut health. It must be working.

Joel Y.
United States United States


Works great! I noticed an obvious difference by the second day of taking them. Less bloating and a general feeling of quick/efficient digestion even after a large or “heavy” meal. Will be a consistently used supplement for me

Jamon G.
United States United States

It works effectively

So far so good.. I can truly see the benefits of implementing this product into my wellness stack of amazing Umzu products.

UMZU zuENZYMES: Digestive Enzymes Review
United States United States

Good stuff!!!

I have been having problems with my digestive health for a couple years now so I started changing my diet and making a lot of health changes in my life but I noticed eating healthy foods it never seemed like my body was changing much but then I came across this enzymes product. The bottle says it helps you absorb entrance so I decided to give it a go and I have noticed the difference! It has enable my digestive system to Zoerb all the good nutrients it needs to lose weight and it has made it easier for me to lose weight! And it works in supporting the other supplements I’m taking such as Trstro X and Cortagon and now my body can absorb them even more effectively and I’m feeling great!!

Lou D.
United States United States

Great Product

I definitely noticed a difference taking it. All the products are great here! Taking that with Betaine I feel great and nit bloated like I used to feel

Kristian T.
United States United States

Feel the difference

Been on it for a month and you can feel the difference along with a healthy meal plan. More energy, less gas and bloating. Loving it so far along with my other umzu products (redwood, zupoo)

Rosa G.
United States United States

Gut glory

Holy cow! My “intolerances” to food have disappeared. I’m having much better “evacuations” and less bloating. I feel 10lbs lighter every time I . My food is broken down better and I just feel cleaner over all!! Love this stuff

United States United States

No gallbladder

Since I started taking this regularly, I don't feel nearly as bloated and my stomach isn't as distended. Many years ago my gallbladder was removed and ever since then my gut has always had some pain where my gallbladder once was. Now there is too much bile or maybe not enough.. I'm not sure. But I feel like my liver isn't having to work as hard since taking this and I can eat some of those fatty foods I miss without running to the bathroom or having a dull ache where my liver/gallbladder once was. Thanks

Christine M.
United States United States

Good Results!

zuEnzymes allow me the luxury of eating without feeling bloated ! I'm on my second bottle and very pleased with good results.

Jonathan V.
United States United States

Excellent Product

Noticed a difference from day one.. been a benefit to my daily routine

Anand R.

Helps you get the most out of your food!

Very positive results. Combined with ZuPoo. Not harsh or unpredictable. Very easy to use and manage.

United States United States


ZuEnzymes have kept me more in balance and helped stabilize my digestive system, the way its suppose to be. I highly recommend this product.

SIerra K.
United States United States

Pretty good

These are pretty good. And the price is fair. Will be buying again

James H.
United States United States

It works great

Awesome product! I can tell I’m getting way more energy and benefits from the food I eat. Confident my digestion is good now

ladale m.
United States United States


The enzymes help a lot in my digestion process and with fats.

Daniel G.
United States United States

Awesome product

Since starting Zuenzymes I have more energy and I'm sleeping better because my body is absorbing more of the nutrients I take in everyday

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